Is a busy lifestyle an unhealthy lifestyle?

Not really; a busy life does not necessarily mean having an unhealthy lifestyle. But a busy lifestyle that causes health inadequacies can surely lead to an infirm life. As we keep up with our fast-paced lives, we tend to forsake life necessities such as having a good sleeping routine, a balanced diet, exercise, relaxation, and so on. Due to our hectic schedules, we tend to forsake having a balanced and nutritious diet which leads to nutritional deficiency, weakened immune system, and emerging diseases. Aside from that, the stress and lack of sleep and exercise caused by a busy lifestyle can negatively impact our bodies. New analysis from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) states that approximately half of adults say that working lives and stress play a prominent role in stopping them from eating healthily. With 40 percent of adults agreeing that being too exhausted after work is their main reason for not being active daily.

Nutrient: A Protector

Do you want to know how nutrients support our body?

Nutrition is essential for every living organism on earth. It involves the process of providing energy to the body to perform multiple tasks in life. In this process, the human body breaks down food to get the nutrients it requires: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Aside from providing energy, nutrients serve as components for bodily growth and repair. Nutrients are also needed in several body chemical processes to maintain proper body functions. These roles of nutrition necessitate including nutrient-rich foods in the diet, along with exercise, good hygiene, and enough rest to boost the body's overall health.

Is overworking dangerous to your health?

Working hard is praiseworthy, but overworking more than your body can bear, gravely affects your body's overall health. Overworking can affect both physical and mental health. The chronic and excessive stress a person endures while overworking can result in physical and mental exhaustion, or what is known as "burnout". Overworking can also affect the quantity and quality of sleep and contribute to unhealthy eating habits. All these can result in an increased risk of several diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, anxiety, or depression.

Countermeasures from overworking:

1. Remember your food intake

The primary and crucial way to protect yourself from the negative effects of overworking is to have well-balanced, nutritious meals. Find the time and make an effort to eat healthy food choices to compensate for the exhaustion and stress your body experiences while working. A healthy diet not only promotes a robust immune system but nourishes your body with energy and improves focus and concentration, all necessary for excellent work performance.

2. Stay Hydrated

Do you have acne? Drink water. 

Want glowing skin? Drink water.

Want to lose weight? Drink water. 

Are you stressed? Drink water. 

Water offers a lot of health benefits.

People like to sip coffee throughout their working hours to keep themselves alert and energized. Drinking water is another excellent option to help your body release unwanted toxins, reduce stress, and prevent dehydration.

3. Take a work break

Overworking eventually leads to less sleep at night and then daytime sleepiness. An experiment conducted on workers obtained data that the most productive workers worked for 52 minutes and took a 17-minute break. It's only ideal to give yourself a break to help your body cope with stress, reduce daytime sleepiness, increase your productivity, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. So, take a break, have a little chat, walk outside, or do a quick stretch.

4. Find time for non-work activities

Working too much can take a toll not just on yourself but on other people too. The everyday work stress and exhaustion can make you irritable and irrational, making you difficult to deal with by your friends and family. What can you do? Include some fun into your life; read a book, dance to your favorite music, binge-watch, or bond with family or friends.

Why choose supplements?

People with busy schedules opt for the easy way to bridge the nutritional gap in their bodies; they choose to take dietary supplements to improve their energy level, boost their immune system, and more. 

Here at HCP Health, experience a one-stop-shop solution as we provide you a wide variety of dietary supplements for your overall nutritional requirements. Our products are produced from high-quality ingredients and manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities here in the USA. 

Consult your doctor or your dietitian to monitor your dietary intake and recommend the best dietary supplements your body requires. 

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