Sensi-Care- Perineal Skin Cleanser (8 Oz Pack of 3)

Sensi-Care- Perineal Skin Cleanser (8 Oz Pack of 3)

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The Sensi-Care Perineal / Skin Cleanser is developed to provide a gentle, ready-to-use skin cleanser. The important part of the best perineal cleanser is you can apply it to the entire body and leaves no irritating residue. And in any incontinence skin care program it is able to maintain a clean perineal area with proper hygiene.

  • It contains special conditioners and humectants to conciliate and moisturize fragile, sensitive skin.
  • It is designed for patients to irritate odors, preservatives, or heavy cleaners.

  • This skin cleanser is performed to remove odorous soil.

  • It is a non-alcoholic cleansing formula with a moderate pH.

  • It is designed to melt sewage while remaining soft on the skin.

  • It contains oil and is made with emollients to soften sensitive skin.

Safety Information: 

Close the cap tightly after use. If pregnant or nursing, counsel your healthcare professional prior to using this product.



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