American Biosciences- Immpower AHCC 500 mg (30 V.caps)

American Biosciences- Immpower AHCC 500 mg (30 V.caps)

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Immune system supplements are considered the best dietary supplements for overall health. 30 capsules in Immpower keep peak Natural Killer cell function. Immpower is highly prevalent for individuals wanting to supercharge their immune systems.

  • It is a Proven Immune Enhancement that supports optimal T-cell and macrophage response.
  • Immpower combat fatigue and maximize immune protection by enhancing the immune system and improves energy peak natural killer cell function.
  • Immpower improves digestion and eases the hangover and supports your overall health & longevity.
  • An immune booster supplement helps the immune system by creating a barrier that stops those invaders from entering the body.
  • Immpower helps in the recovery of surgery and enhances overall performance.

Safety Information:

Close the cap tightly after use and store it in the refrigerator. If pregnant or nursing, counsel your healthcare professional prior to using this product.


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