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Now Foods MCT Oil 32 oz
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Now Foods MCT Oil 32 oz

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Product Details:

Medium-chain triglycerides oils (MCTs) are fats that are normally found in coconut and palm kernel oils. MCT Oil is the best dietary supplement and is more effectively and quickly digested than different types of fats. MCTs are promptly assimilated from the GI tract and are metabolized rapidly by the liver, where they are accounted to energize the utilization of fat for energy instead of storage.
  • Food MCT oil is formulated to support a healthier lifestyle and give 100 calories per serving.
  • MCT Oil helps to support healthy weight and body composition.
  • MCT Oil is pure and unsaturated, you can use it as an oil substitute in cooking & sauces.
  • You can even use MCT oil to start your morning with keto coffee. It is the fuel you need to keep energized for hours.
  • MCT also boosts energy expenditure, you also get the added benefit of fat burning when taking MCT before your exercise.
  • In your daily routine consumption of MCT oil can increase the number of calories we burn after meals.  

Safety Information:

Store in a cool or dry environment, if pregnant or nursing, counsel your healthcare professional prior to using this product.


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